Sales 2.0


What is Sales 2.0? (Or Possibly 3.0?)

I have decided to update/repost my blog on Sales 2.0.  Are most businesses engaging with Sales 2.0?  The answer is yes to some degree.  AND, I think further clarity on this topic is needed.  It is not so much the quantity, BUT quality of embracing Sales 2.0 which is the focus as we are moving…


How Much Do You Know About Sales 2.0?

The term Sales 2.0 has come up in network meetings I have attended and in blogs that I read.  What is Sales 2.0?  Is there a Sales 1.0?  If so, what is the difference?  Is one better or more effective than the other? We all have realized that traditional “interruption based” marketing is becoming less-and-less…