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Do You Want This Done Fast Or Right?

“Do you want this done fast or right?” How often do you get this question from your leadership team and staff? And how often do you answer: “Yes!” In other words, you don’t want to compromise on either aspect – making mistakes is not an option, yet neither is slowing down. Speed Versus Slow and…


Personal Success Indicators for 2016

As you move into a new year with your leadership team, have you thought about what makes some people more successful than others? This has been top of mind for me recently. I have written about getting the right people, but not with the perspective of success attributes. Here is an amazing and very perceptive…


What Separates Successful Business Owners from Less Successful Ones?

Gallup studied 2,500 entrepreneurs to understand the actions and decisions that lead to bigger, more valuable businesses. One of the many things they discovered is how the psychology and innate talents of the entrepreneur affect business outcomes. These talents are predictors of business success – and in my opinion apply to leadership teams in all…