Seven Keys to Dominating Your Market


Hermann Simon wrote one of the most definitive books on privately held growth firms called Hidden Champions of the 21st Century. He studied thousands of little known mid-market firms that dominate their niches globally. There are over 2700 of these companies worldwide, and almost half are from Germany. The Hidden Champions concept attracts attention worldwide. In the last ten years, the 1300+ German Hidden Champions have created one million new jobs.

What can we learn from the Hidden Champions? What are they doing differently from large corporations and many privately held companies? The answer is “Almost Everything!” Here are the seven most important lessons from which any company – large or small – can benefit.

12 Questions To Ask About Your Sales Process


Go ahead – ask companies today if they follow an established formal sales process. What do you think their answer would be? Way too few can say yes! Objective Management Group (OMG), a sales development company, compiled statistics that show 91% of the more than 500,000 salespeople assessed by them did not have or follow a structured sales process. The million-dollar question? Do you have one?

Five Industry Bottlenecks to Break


We are all looking for fresh or new approaches to creating a successful business. Yes, we have to do more than win our share of customers or control costs. One approach: Today we have to break the rules and upset the apparent wisdom about how things work. But how do we figure out what rules to break?

A recent and very perceptive Harvard Business Review article studied more than 50 small and midsize companies that set “business as usual to one side and solved big structural problems endemic to their industries, not just problems they alone face.” The research determined that just about every “not business as usual” innovation was effective because it broke one of five types of bottlenecks.

Can Zero Based Thinking Grow Your Business?


Our world has changed a LOT in the last several years. And, as we continue to see positive signs in many parts of our economy, consider this. Has your company changed more or less than the environment you operate in?

If the economy is 30% different today than 3 years ago, but your company has only changed by 10%, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that you are in the process of being left behind. Conversely, if the economy you operate in has changed by 30%, but your company has changed by 40%, well that’s an entirely different story. The message here is Adapt or Die. One crucial key to adapting in today’s environment is Zero Based Thinking.

Six Common Leadership Blunders


Adam Grant, Wharton professor and a New York Times bestselling author, recently interviewed Jack and Suzy Welch about their new book, The Real-Life MBA. The book is based on decades of experience leading and writing about companies. Their discussion highlighted six common leadership blunders—all of which are backed with considerable research and evidence.

More importantly, there are videos embedded in the interview – with Jack and Suzy Welch discussing their perspectives on these leadership blunders. Take several minutes to read the article, and scan through the details and the pragmatic research results, especially for #5 (yes, I’m not from an elite school). Then watch the short videos embedded in the interview – they are really worth your time investment.