Eight Fundamental Drivers of Profit

Strategy Growth

Are you really doing all you can to drive profit? The surprising answer is that many leaders and their teams are not. I am not referring to more customers or more sales or more locations or more salespeople. I am talking Profit.

Based upon my experience and that of my colleagues with clients in the US, New Zealand and Europe, here are my eight fundamental drivers of profit. Can you drive consistent profitability or increase it dramatically in the next quarter?

Is the Business Plan Dead?

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Recently I have experienced a wave of blogs, news articles, pundits, entrepreneurs and business executives saying that business plans are not necessary for smaller faster growing companies–a waste of time! They justify this viewpoint by pointing out that planning 1) takes too much time and resources, 2) costs too much, 3) has a small payoff, and 4) resulting strategies are short-lived. Are business plans really dead? Do you really need one?

Do You Want People To Do, Or Think?

Turn Your Ship Around Workbook

To do, or to think? That is the question David Marquet asks of leaders. I am a David Marquet fan! He is the author of Turn the Ship Around, one of the top execution books of all time. It illustrates how he took a nuclear submarine from the worst performing ship with the lowest moral in the US Navy and turned it into the highest graded ship ever.

He now has a companion workbook titled Turn Your Ship Around!: A Workbook for Implementing Intent-Based Leadership in Your Organization. It contains the practical activities he does in his current consulting and training sessions. Any company that wants to build a better environment for its people will appreciate the exercises in this workbook for managers on delegating, training, and driving sound execution …

Twelve Questions To Greatness


Jim Collins has authored several books that have become required reading in a business library – including Built to Last, Good to Great, and Great by Choice. He gets a lot of fan mail with the question on how best to engage and learn from his books. Collins has developed a “sequence of Twelve Questions that would serve as a mechanism of disciplined thought for a leader and his or her team.” Here’s a link to download a PDF that includes the twelve questions, a note from Collins providing some background for the questions, and a one-page summary on what defines “great.”

World’s Most Admired Companies 2015

World's Most Admired Companies 2015

Fortune recently released it’s World’s Most Admired Companies list for 2015. Apple is again ranked the #1 most admired. Rounding out the top 10: Google, Berkshire Hathaway, Amazon, Starbucks, Walt Disney, Southwest Airlines, American Express, GE, and Coca-Cola.

Did you ever wonder how Fortune creates this list? This is the first year I researched how this list is chosen, and what each company is rated on. Read on to view the entire top 50 most admired companies, the nine key attributes of reputation used to judge these companies and a video by Fortune on the selection process.