Can Your Business Model Deliver the Growth You Need?

Can Your Business Model Deliver Growth?

Is it time to rethink? The demise of well known companies such as Borders, Blockbuster, Kodak, Newsweek Magazine, as well as many mid-market companies is yet another stark indicator of the changing answers for business success today. It’s a jolting reminder that all the best intentions in the world are useless in the face of an outdated or dysfunctional business model.

The only way to grow your business without relying on a continual infusion of capital is to find a sustainable business model – one that that generates the cash necessary to fund continued growth of your business.

Are you constantly thinking about how to create value and build new businesses, or how to improve or transform your company? Are you looking to innovate around your business model to ensure you are not the next obituary in the business news? It may be time to rethink. You can do something about it. Here is how …

The 5 Strategy Rules of Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs

Strategy Rules

“If there were a Mount Rushmore for technological innovation, Bill Gates, Andy Grove, and Steve Jobs would be the faces looking outward.” These longtime CEOs of Microsoft, Intel, and Apple created three of the most highly valued companies in the world. How were they able to drive their companies through decades of changing technologies? Did they have anything in common? Is there anything we can learn from them about successful strategy?

The Disappearing Sales Process


A major growth challenge for many companies today is the profound transformation in customer behavior. Today’s buyers are enabled by the Internet, empowered by the enormous choice in every market, and possess the ability to compare real-time competitive prices. They have, in essence, taken control of the purchase process.

Research from Google and the Corporate Executive Board (The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing) gives us additional insight into buyer behavior today. Their research found that customers reported being nearly 60 percent through the sales process before engaging a sales representative, irrespective of price point. To be exact, 57 percent of the sales process just disappeared! What are buyers doing if they’re not talking to your salespeople?

Strategy or Execution – Which is More Important?

case study - concept image of a marketing tool

Would you rather have great execution than superior strategy in your company? I have heard many leaders say this. However, I firmly believe that you can’t have one without the other. Some leaders say, “Strategy is results.” They think that strategy doesn’t matter as long as you are getting results. However, experience tells us that strategy is not just slogans. It is clarity on the series of choices you make for your company on where to engage and how to win.

Eight Fundamental Drivers of Profit

Strategy Growth

Are you really doing all you can to drive profit? The surprising answer is that many leaders and their teams are not. I am not referring to more customers or more sales or more locations or more salespeople. I am talking Profit.

Based upon my experience and that of my colleagues with clients in the US, New Zealand and Europe, here are my eight fundamental drivers of profit. Can you drive consistent profitability or increase it dramatically in the next quarter?