Six Common Leadership Blunders


Adam Grant, Wharton professor and a New York Times bestselling author, recently interviewed Jack and Suzy Welch about their new book, The Real-Life MBA. The book is based on decades of experience leading and writing about companies.  Their discussion highlighted six common leadership blunders—all of which are backed with considerable research and evidence.

Here are the six leadership blunders:

  1. They don’t invest in developing their people.
  2. They reward people who have great results but bad behavior.
  3. They don’t provide meaning.
  4. They don’t let people know where they stand.
  5. They only hire from elite schools.
  6. They don’t give people the confidence to try new things.

More importantly, there are videos embedded in the interview – with Jack and Suzy Welch discussing their perspectives on these leadership blunders.  Take several minutes to read the article, and scan through the details and the pragmatic research results, especially for #5 (yes, I’m not from an elite school). Then watch the short videos embedded in the interview – they are really worth your time investment.

This is a great topic of discussion at your next leadership team meeting.  Even smart leaders make these mistakes.  Contact me to learn more on how to fix these blunders.

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